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Product manager

Job Requirements:

1, mechanical design related major, bachelor degree or above;

2, more than 5 years of home appliance/consumer electronics product development experience, with independent product development capabilities and experience;

3, skilled use of Pro-E or UG design software, and simulation analysis of product structure;

4, familiar with mold manufacturing, injection molding process and production assembly, and have a certain understanding of product inspection and certification;

5, with the concept of time, can manage the project development schedule according to the requirements of the project time to market;

6. Understand the relevant knowledge of design specifications and the working requirements of quality system;

7, have a strong sense of responsibility, good team work ability, communication skills.

Main duties:

1. Completed product structure design according to project requirements;

2. Participate in the technical feasibility demonstration of new projects, provide design schemes, time and cost assessment;

3. Managed new product development schedule and made product development schedule;

4, control the overall cost of new products;

5, tracking mold development and production processing, as well as product machine/accessories procurement;

6, responsible for new product testing and related certification, understand industry standards;

7. Responsible for the preparation of BOM and inspection specification documents;

8. Responsible for the preparation and technical support of relevant documents in the development process.

Bachelor degree or above
Water Resources Technology Building, 70 Qingnan Road, Gulou District, Nanjing
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